We are Steve Scheier & Diedra Barber
We are organizational development and leadership consultants with a unique but effective slant on power and decision-making that improves individual, department and organizational performance and enables teams to work together, better.

​We work with motivated and committed leaders and their teams in nonprofits and social impact for profits.
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Today's work world is more complex, more inspiring and more exhausting than ever before.  As leaders, in title and spirit, we know today's new workplace with multiple generations, genders, racial and ethnic identities, orientations, abilities, interests and experiences demands more nimble, transparent and honest leadership.
The time is now. The work is now.  Unpack the power and decision-making realities in your organization so that you can better mobilize and access the talent on your teams and create more equitable workplaces via a clear process that creates accountability, fosters communication and generates better work place morale.

Decision Clarity can help get you to higher ground, so you can better explore your surroundings and see the bigger organizational picture.
Are you ready to advance your mission, goals and outcomes with integrity and momentum?
Where are your decisions?
How Do You Know if Exploring Power & Decision-making is the Right Move for You and Your Team?​
Are you  ready for something different?
  • Do you need an organized and clear process to help you make better decisions and to grow the decision-making leaders on your team?
  • Have you and your team finished a rigorous strategic planning process and now need to implement it?
  • Are you planning on a leadership change?
  • Are plans, objectives and initiatives continually hampered by decision-making bottlenecks?
  • Do you want to move your team out of department silos and into more productive and efficient cross department work?
  • Do you want to create and develop an organizational culture where talented people are retained because they not only believe in the mission but they are given an opportunity to grow?
  • Do you want to tackle the hard issues of power and decision-making through a proven practice that an amplify team outcomes? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions, DECISION CLARITY is right for you!
Our Method:
Decision Clarity
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Decision Clarity is an innovative, practical and systemic model that clarifies power and decision-making in your organization so you can achieve more.

This practice eliminates confusion, reduces conflict, increases focus and communication while growing decision-making leaders. 
Using our trademarked Decision Clarity method we offer a range of services to meet the needs of individuals and organizations.

Want to better understand how power and decision-making influences your mission, revenue, talent acquisition retention and growth? Want to introduce this idea of Decision Clarity to your team and need visual data and helpful talking points?

We have for your use: learning pages, case studies, videos, interactive social media options and a weekly blog.

How Clear Are You?
Views from the Field. Decision-Making at Non-Profits.
Non-profit organizations benefit from a cadre of hard-working, dedicated professionals. Despite the talent and experience in this mission-driven sector, many non-profit organizations are not as efficient or effective as they could be. What is it that holds many organizations back from reaching their full potential and making the impact they wish to achieve?

CommongoodCareers and Scheier & Barber +Group (formerly Scheier + Group) conducted a survey to ask the staff members of non-profit organizations these very questions. The survey, administered in July and August of 2010, was promoted through the CommongoodCareers website and email newsletters. Survey participants answered between 16 and 19 questions about career planning and decision making in non-profit organizations.
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“At GreatSchools, we’ve benefitted a great deal from the Decision Clarity process. Our work with [Scheier+Group] has shown us that we have not always been clear about which staff members should make which decisions and this has elongated our decision-making processes. [Scheier+Group] has helped us figure out how to achieve improvements in our decision-making so that we can unlock the full potential of our staff. We are a much stronger organization as a result.”  Bill Jackson, former CEO of Great Schools
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