Learning and implementing the Decision Clarity process is useful to an organization experiencing any of the following situations: Founder Growth and Development, Organizational Growth & Expansion, Leadership Fatigue and Seeping Talent, Succession Planning, Strategic Planning.    

When is the best time to bring Decision Clarity to an organization?

Founder Growth and Development
It's important when starting an organization for the founder to create a clear, transparent, and accountable decision-making environment. Doing so will save the organization money and talent.  Implementing a clear decision-making process at the start of an organization’s founding, exhibits to your new hires and funders, a clear commitment to a focused and productive work environment. This is particularly key to organization’s who are eager to tap into the innovative thinking skills and social impact dedication of millennial team members. These people want to work for organizations not only committed to doing good in the world but also willing to support positive work-life balances and practices. Founders who create a clear decision-making environment will create successful organizations and avoid  confusion and conflict that leads to employee discontent, reduced innovation and the creation of inefficient bottlenecks.

Growth & Expansion
Organizations that are expanding would benefit from using Decision Clarity to add focus to their work and to ensure that their teams work together.  If your ED/CEO and Board have created the ideal (small) organization and are now ready to expand, there is no better time to consider incorporating a clear method for detailing how decisions will be made in your expanding organization. Learning and implementing Decision Clarity will instill a strong foundation for your expanding organization. Our work encourages transparency, and teaches a method for self-advocacy to all team members that supports innovative thinking.
Leadership Fatigue and Seeping Talent
Many non-profit leaders find themselves fatigued, overwhelmed, frustrated because they do not have the time to focus on all the things they would like to achieve. If you are spinning your wheels and want your team to take greater accountability to no avail then, Decision Clarity may be the best gift you can give yourself and/or your organization. Decision Clarity will enable you to implement a process where everyone, will be encouraged to advocate to make or support the decisions that affect their jobs in a completely safe environment. This process will teach you and your team how to constructively confront and facilitate courageous conversations about how power and bias are wielded in your current decision-making policies and processes.
Succession Planning 
If succession planning is an issue for your organization then you can use Decision Clarity to transition your organization to new leadership. Decision Clarity and succession planning go hand in hand especially if you and/or your Board are interested in promoting from within. Learning and implementing Decision Clarity will enable you to grow strong decision-making leaders within a process that supports clear accountability and transparency.
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is a major focus in the non-profit sector. Strategic plans are great for telling you what to do next. However they do not tell you how to do it and who will make which decisions. Learning and implementing Decision Clarity right after you have completed a strategic planning process is an invaluable investment in securing your organization’s ability to implement your strategic plan with greater success.

In short, Decision Clarity is for organizations that are doing well and want to do even better and for organizations that are struggling and want to succeed. 

What kind of organizations are using Decision Clarity today?   

Decision Clarity has been adopted across the nonprofit and for profit sectors in organizations that focus on positive social impacts and mission driven visions. Our clients have included organizations that focus on education, equity, leadership cultivation, hospice care, health and community development.    

How long are your typical consulting engagements?         

The length of an engagement depends on the desired service. We recommend reviewing Our Services page here and welcome you to reach out to us for a free consultation and proposal.      

How do I get you to come speak at our organization? 

All you have to do is ask . We can design a custom conversation, presentation, keynote, panel or round table discussion.    

How do I persuade the ED or Board that we need help solving our dysfunction?         

The cool thing about bringing Decision Clarity to your organization is that you will soon see that your team has a clear process for greater communication and decision-making focus.

Decision Clarity can be introduced as a way to expand and enhance the professional growth and achievement of your organization. If your organization is suffering from talent turnover, loss of mission momentum, has leaders who are overwhelmed or functioning in disconnected silos you can offer this practice as a means to reconnect and refocus your entire organization.
The Benefits
That is a great question. And yes, the book is a really great place start to understanding the theory and concepts that create the Decision Clarity method.

The book offers readers an opportunity to explore how they can lead themselves through the decision clarity process and how to positively influence those around them. You can also use the book to introduce Decision Clarity to your team.

For many organizations the process of dealing with some of the underlying issues related to how power is wielded in decision-making is best tackled with the help and support of knowledgeable and seasoned facilitators.

Decision Clarity facilitators are adept at creating the necessary grounded and transparent safe space required for teammates, departments or whole organizations to explore and understand what practicing Decision Clarity entails.      

Why do we need a Decision Clarity engagement? Can’t we just read the “Do More Good. Better.” book?

How can we ensure that the Decision Clarity training is successful?

If you are engaging in the Decision Clarity practice it’s imperative that you do so with a promise to be honest, to speak your voice, to be present and to be open.

If an entire organization or department is engaging in a Decision Clarity engagement the lead power holder participant must be willing to be coached by a Decision Clarity facilitator through the process.     

Can you custom the Jumpstart engagement option offering?

Every Decision Clarity Jumpstart and One Day Intensive engagement utilizes our IPAC and DECID methodology. The manner in which we facilitate the workshop training process and conversation is tailored to fit the specific organization we are engaging.

Part of the offering and method includes leadership coaching and advising in the subtleties of what it means to be the lead power holder when engaging in the Decision Clarity practice.

Our workshops are designed to teach the Decision Clarity process and to help organizations implement this work.     

When will we start to see things change in the way our organization works?

Right away. People are thrilled to be offered the opportunity to advocate for the decisions they want to make or support. The common language and methodology they learn enables them to quickly achieve results.