“I appreciate the hard but imperative conversations necessary to empower, engage and explore next-level thinking for true systemic change. I believe in growth and evolving thoughts and have done much work in and continue to strive to develop the courage to speak my truth with self-awareness and respect. I enjoy supporting this same growth in others, particularly with youth and educators. We live in ever changing, fast-paced and difficult times. Over the past 14 years I discovered that the incorporation of compassion, authenticity, transparency and high expectations in the management of people allows for goals and outcomes to not only be reached, but surpassed and executed with more efficiency, innovation and a deeper, more positive impact for clients/partners and the team as a whole.” Diedra Barber

Diedra’s background is in education equity, training and facilitation, program management, operations and business development. Prior to Scheier & Barber + Group, Diedra completed her MBA at Mills College in Oakland, California with a focus in socially responsible business and non-profit management.

Diedra has served as a Program Director for multiple national non profit’s, Chief Operations Officer for a small for profit start up and is currently the CEO and founder of her own social justice consulting firm in addition to her named partner role at Scheier & Barber + Group.

Diedra loves TV and books, ranging from Harry Potter Books 1-7 (yet again) to anything by Octavia Butler to The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander to The Mind Body Code by Dr. Mario Martinez. Or re watching the entire series of the X-Files, Star Trek Voyager, The West Wing and is an intense fan of all this Shonda Rhimes and Shondaland. 

Her response to name one person who inspires her: “It’s hard to pick just one. I am basically in awe of the resiliency and fortitude of Black women, known and unknown.  When one knows the history of the United States, the fact that we still exist and some of us are actually flourishing and thriving, I am inspired daily.” 

Diedra Barber
Chief Development Business Officer,
Senior Curriculum & Training Designer,
​Lead Facilitator

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