Decision Clarity Application

for client access only

Our Decision Clarity Grid application is an online platform that clients use during the Jumpstart engagement to capture decision inventories.

The application allows organizations to see ALL OF THE MAJOR decisions before them, listed by participant, department/category and due date.
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Decision Clarity Grid PDF Form

for public use

If you are working on a Decision Clarity Grid on your own or with your team and are using the Decision Clarity book: Do More Good. Better, feel free to utilize this free grid form.
By the end of a Decision Clarity Jumpstart engagement participants will have used our online Decision Clarity Application to complete and finalize their decision grid. 

Each individual decision grid for an organizational engagement is compiled into one final PDF report. For many organizations this the first time they will be able to see in its totality, all of the high impact decisions that are before them. The Decision Clarity Grid report lists the organization's decisions by individual, by department / category and by due date.

Sample view of a page from our Decision Clarity Grid Application.