CHANGES for Scheier & Barber Group

As we know, change is a constant and we must each be true to our paths.
After five years of working together to create more empowered and effective nonprofits, we have decided, effective March 31, 2017 to explore parallel but divergent paths in our consulting work. We are excited and supportive of each other as we take this new journey.
Diedra will focus on her writing (fiction and non-fiction) and offer consulting services with a deeper focus on equity & inclusion in leadership development, group communication & dynamics, business strategy & planning, as well as training and facilitations services through her company, Filament Consulting Group . If her schedule allows she will also be available to serve as a Decision Clarity Group consultant.
Steve will continue on with Decision Clarity and has plans to expand the practice in 2017 in some new and exciting ways through his newly named organization Decision Clarity Group .
We want to thank you for your support over these last five years. We look forward to advancing our individual and collective ideas in 2017 and beyond.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you and or to organizations and individuals you know.
Decision Clarity Group
Filament Consulting Group
Steve Scheier
​Founder & CEO, Decision Clarity Group
Diedra Barber, MBA
Founder Diedra Barber Consulting Corporation
CEO, Filament Consulting Group